Switch Lists (Reproduction)


There is an immense amount of paperwork involved in running a railroad. Some of it is quite boring (you should see some of the stuff in our archives...), but some of it is really handy to have available in "model form". 

The CRHS has created reproductions of Conrail's Industry Switch List form used to instruct local crews what work would need to be performed during their shift.

These forms are great for model railroaders who want to have an even more immersive operating experience by using authentic paperwork. Using accurate paperwork can really help improve the "immersion" of model railroad ops by giving your operators a better sense of what it was really like working for the railroad.

Our reproductions are printed on notepads making it easy to fill one out and hand it to your own crew. They've been sized up to 5.5"x8.5" to make them slightly easier to use. Each pad contains 50 sheets.

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