Juniata Shop & Other Decals


- Juniata Paint Shop Decal: 4"x6" Juniata Locomotive Paint Shop decals. A proud tradition that carried on through the years, they were applied to locomotives as they were released from the paint booth in Altoona, PA.

- Juniata Remanufactured Decal: Here is a 3x6" vinyl decal that could be found inside countless rebuilt locomotives
that were overhauled by Conrail's Juniata Locomotive Shop forces in Altoona, PA. The perfect compliment to the rest of our decal line!

- JBS Engine Instruction Decal: This decal is reproduction of a staple item found in the cabs of all Conrail locomotives. These 4"x6" decals help to remind crews what needed done when locomotives were unattended or left standing.

- Continuous Quality Improvement Decal