Conrail Rainbow Years, Volume 2


The second in a series of titles covering Conrail’s first years of operations (1976-1980), this book features slides from The Garbely Publishing Company's vast collection, and represents the "best of the best" in early Conrail photography. Written by CRHS president Rudy Garbely, the book covers Conrail’s “Rainbow Years,” when motive power in a variety of patched-out color schemes from its six predecessor railroads operated across the new Conrail system. A smattering of freshly painted Conrail blue locomotives, as well as other railroads’ locomotives that were leased to alleviate power shortages, added to the color palette. This book covers the entirety of Conrail’s territory from New York to Chicago and everything in between, with over 140 full-color images of Conrail’s unique Rainbow Years.

88 pages, softcover