Conrail Color Guide to Freight Equipment, Vol. 1: 1976-1987

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This full color book by former Conrail employee Larry DeYoung is loaded from cover to cover with rare and unique Conrail freight equipment. It is an absolute must have book for any Conrail fan! Covered in this book are business, office and test cars, cabooses, non-revenue rolling stock, snow removal equipment, company service freight cars, scale test equipment, track cranes, boxcars - unequipped, loader-equipped box cars, insulted boxcars, open-top hoppers, gondolas - ore jennies, mill gondolas, equipped gondolas, flat cars, covered hopper cars, pressure differential cars, multi-level auto racks, intermodal trailers & terminal equipment, as well as other non-revenue equipment and miscellaneous stuff!

128 pages, Hardcover

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